About us


The company “RAPER” – Trade, Services, Production – was founded in 2012, and manufactures high quality duvets and pillows. Collecting experience and recognizing customers’ needs, the company has been steadily increasing the range of production capacities and expanding its product portfolio. We are currently seated in Nowa Sól – this is where you can find our sewing facility, cutting facility, textile processing facility, and out shop.
After several years on the market, we are still developing and gaining new customers. Our scope of activity includes exporting our goods abroad, which we perceive as an accomplishment born out of our customers’ acknowledgement and their complete trust in our company.
Our products are made of the best fabrics and materials possible, to meet all of our customers’ needs and expectations and to guarantee them healthy, peaceful and undisturbed sleep.
Our product portfolio features a wide range of duvets in various sizes made of various materials, bedding pillows, decorative pillows, garden cushions, sheets and fillings for duvets and pillows.
We have our own means of transport, which grants us complete mobility and enables us to deliver our goods directly to the clients.
We encourage you to take a look at our offer – we work both with companies and retail customers.